Friday, 27 January 2017

'Our Meet'

I met you with a debonair mind
Flawless talks, a knot to bind
Your fidgety hands, staging a smile
Just took few moments for my heart to travel miles
That slight touch of cheeks
While whispering in your ears
I lost track of what music was playing for the first time
That teensy space of ours was so much mine 

You didn’t leave me the very first day
My heart found a base in your place
And now I leave a piece of me with you every time
Your goosebumps-giving-touch
Your breathing that gives me instincts of way old bonds of times
Your rude words trying to keep me distant
But your eyes silently telling me, ‘let yourself be mine’
They stung deep into my soul
And I know patience is all I need to have
For you may let down your shield
Maybe, just maybe someday
For you are just intimidated
But someday you’ll take me in your arms so tight
And then no matter what happens
Even if we won’t stay together
Our soul will be relieved, it won’t wonder anymore
Just having each other somewhere in the world will be all
A feeling so satisfied
We won’t be scared anymore
We’ll have the whole world
Falling to our smiles
Falling to our smiles.

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