Friday, 30 September 2016


11:00 in the morning 
The phone buzzed
On his office desk
But he cared less
Checked after 15 mins
And the message read, "Come home" 
Followed by a picture
Red walls, dim lights 
Cream curtains and candles 
He recognized the room
But everything's new 
That's how they made up to each other
When fights got big
They made everything new
For a new start…

He rushed to his boss's cabin 
Sir I need a day off
Am going home
His boss stood up
And shook his hand 
With a smile
He went back to his desk
Looked for a flight 
9 at night
Nothings early then that 
Texted back
Am coming home
Rushed, packed 
Didn't eat
Bought flowers
Lilies, her favorite 
Everybody he met
Or anybody who called
He said
Am going home 
His smile in his eyes
2 am he landed
In the cab
All fidgety
He texted
About to reach
What would he say? What would he do?
How would he react?

Waiting for the lift 
The guard spoke it’s not working
Started taking the stairs
His heart racing
Rang the bell
Again and again
Placed his hand on the door 
It opened 
May be she saw him from the window
The hall looked different too
Everything's nicely set
And all red 
She never let him paint red 
He called her 
Kept calling as he looked 
Then stepped towards the bedroom
Imagining it as in the pic
Opened the door 
Red walls, dim lights
Cream curtains, candles

Cream bedsheets…
Soaked in blood
And she lay there
Her eyes watching the door 
There's hope in them 
He stood there
Couldn't move
His mind racing
Was she the one who texted him?
Did she want him home?
Did he get too late?
Is someone else still there? 
2 years he waited for this day
Never to be forgotten again.

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