Sunday, 16 October 2016

Memory In a Coffee Mug

(Zindagi Ke Panno Se)

Mein, jisse ab zindagi mei chai ke alawa kuch magical nahin lagta
Usse yeh baarish ke pani ke beech rakha hua coffee ka mug itna yaad aayega socha na tha

Some stories are never meant to be completed or to end
Life just gives us opportunities to have few episodes every now and then
We never get proper time with some people to actually reach somewhere
It’s just bits and pieces and how we decide to keep them is on us
Some may decide to just delete them, never have them again
Some may decide to give it a try to complete their story
And some like me just want these episodes to keep happening
We don’t want to think that we’ll never reach somewhere or we’ll get hurt
We are happy with whatever time we get
To all those stories that happen in parts in someone’s life and those that will never have any solid existence in life
For all those people who are like me
It’s better not to analyze
Let these moments blend within you
It’s better then never…

Zindagi chaho toh bahut lambi hai
Isme kuch palon ko ghulne do
Tum chahe sabse na milo
Par ek bar har kisi ko khud se milne do…

Flash Back [Date : 2nd Oct'16] 

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