Sunday, 18 December 2016

"Devkund Trek"

Trek among the trees 
On a beautiful trail of leaves 
Experience mesmerizing views 
That will take away all your blues

The lake with glittering gold in between 
The rocks with strength unseen
You climb with a pack of unknown
Just to get your mind blown

The spider that hangs on the way
Everybody is pleased to capture her on her web as she lay
The tree that got cut looks like a view breaker
But still it became someone's wallpaper 

The golden field throughout the way
Makes your heart wana stay

The streams of water that flows
Someone took out the shoes to wiggle their toes
You click every step 
And your face glows
The small waterfall that you can't reach to
You sit at the rocks to give it time, that’s never enough
It’s too much of a worthy view 

Then comes the final touch 
That sight so wide
Your soul feels a clutch
You run to the bottom of the waterfall
The water’s so chill, makes something inside you crawl
Oh! it's so cold
But that numbness is what gives you a rush
There’s no sound that you hear now, everything went hush
You feel so high
And see everything with a sigh
It’s like painted with a giant paint brush

You then sit around
With the vibration mode on
As you are so cold
But you care less
As in that moment
Nothing else matters
You are now heart bound
And your mind is at rest

And then you start heading back
And that's a thrill 
Coz climbing down 
Scares your heart to drop dead
Still shivering with the cold clothes on
You cannot resist laughing
As your fear is on
Some sliding, some falls
And then someone plays songs
Though it's a nature trail
But music makes it a soothing sail

You are back at the lake again
With the setting sun
The gold got spread
Serenity fed

And then the last few steps
The moment when you know
That people will come and go
It’s how the life will flow
This is what you always want
To trek, to wander and to bond
With places, people and beyond

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