Sunday, 23 October 2016

"The Grey Zone"

“This is high.
It’s scary and it’s going to hurt a lot.”
He thought as he stood on the edge
Of the 30th floor building
Tried some leaning
But was taken aback
He was unsure
His mind went blank
Some greys in his eyes…

The librarian who worked
At the same place for 20 long years
Stepped outside the main door
Locks, turns
Takes a few steps
Stops and turns back again
Checks the lock
And this is same
For everyday
Coz he couldn’t shake the greys of his mind
A girl says, “I love you too”
And cut the call
Stood up and went to the mirror
Brushes her hair
A doubt in her eyes
As she looks
And asks, “Do I?”
Then heavily shook her head
To loose the greys of her mind

A man in his 60s
Looks at his grandchildren
Smiles and thinks
“I had a beautiful life”
But then something overcrowds his mind
With some flashback memories
He wondered
“If I could still get her back,
Is this the life I’d choose?”
For once he thought of-course
But then again, “Will I?”
He disputed with the greys of his mind

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