Sunday, 7 August 2016


Light, you are my light.
When in darkness, 
You be my sight.
Don’t let me fall
Do right by my side. 

Am I asking for too much?
But know that it’s right.
I may be the one…
When you are at that height,
You’ll want me by your side.
And then you’ll realize…
If I haven’t been there
You wouldn’t enjoy that sight.

I wish you do all that you want,
I pray every day and night.
Achieve all you want, get what you desire,
Still hold onto me, even if set in fire…

Wondering right???
Will I stay that long?
What if it’s a waste of time?
Oh boy!!!
It’s you who’ll make me yours…
Figure out a way, everything has a cure. 
If it’s us, we’ll rise more high and high…
So you gotta try.
Even in doubt
Coz you never know
I just might.
I just might.

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