Saturday, 16 April 2016

"The Overprotective Crows Threatened Me"

It was Friday, 16th April. I came back to my place with thoughts of what am I gonna do over weekend? Lots of things lined up and with all running in my mind, I opened the curtains. As I saw the view just for a mo, suddenly a crow came, sat on the grill and it seemed like it was shouting at me. It was cawing and pecking on the clothes and the rope with it’s beak. I was unable to understand, but then I saw the egg on the base of the grill. And the other crow was sitting there too. And then the other crow started cawing too. They both were snatching the clothes from the rope. It seemed to me like they were threatening me to go.

They are the same crows that come here every day and when we shoo them away they leave. But now I could see they were not scared and they won’t go away. Instead they were trying to make me leave.

I closed the curtains, to tell them they can relax and that we are not going to make them go now. But I know they didn’t understand that. It’s a crow after all.

From yesterday the windows are closed and curtains too. But if I pass from there or take a peek they come right back at me in an instant with their cawing.

There was one egg at that time yesterday. But now there are two and they are beautiful. :-)

The number of eggs kept increasing everyday. Really. And there were total 6 eggs now. We couldn't open the windows, put our clothes to dry up, couldn't even take the clips from the rope. The cawing was always there every now and then. The crows just didn't want us there. Like it's their place.

And one day when I came back from office, I saw one baby crow. It was my first time seeing one. It was so small and looked so delicate. It kept cawing in its baby crow voice. The crows were furious more than ever to see me peek. I quickly took some clicks and left them alone.

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