Wednesday, 24 June 2015

"Bird that never leaves"

There’s a bird that never leaves…
She stays around the house
Sometimes on the tree in the front yard
Sometimes on the wall behind
Nobody knows what keeps her here
Is it the house or someone in the house?

Earlier we never fed her anything
Didn’t even give her water
Children used to make her fly away
But she always returned!

Neighbors now talk about her
Disapprove of her presence
They say it’s a spirit!
Of someone connected to the house
It’s like she is not free!

But I feel good,
Good that she is here.
The sound of her chirping,
Fluttering of her feathers on the windows
Like she is happy being around
The contented one!
I believe she likes us.

I even talk to her sometimes now…
She sits on the wall
Sleek neck movements as I speak
I sense that she understands
She is not afraid
Leaves after I leave
She is Faithful
And always around
Such a relation!
It’s pure and sound.
I am privileged to have her.
I hope she stays forever!
I need her forever…

Photo Courtesy here

This poem was first published on Writers Asylum on June 15

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