Thursday, 10 March 2016


Like two ribbons curled together they were
Tangled lives, Trapped souls they were
All they ever ought to be was there all around
Laughs, cries, Silence, fights, Memories and multiple tries

Easy days to tough ones
Sleepless nights to loved ones
Some highs some blues
Some lies some truths
Shine in the eyes
Tears that dried
Feeling so true, that needed some glue
Cursed by tongue
Bruised heart
Ups and downs
Frowns made clowns
Rudeness as streams
Breezy cold treats
Faith tidbits
A bowl of anger
Morning cup cakes
Tea cup relief
Dramas, discussions
No more concussions

Mind spellbound
Thoughts unclear
Far and near
Soul struck
Molten luck
Cracks and fears
Swollen ears
Moments of cheers
Felicitous and dreaded years

Feelings so right
Words that byte
Anticipation, desperation
Depression, Negation
Salvation, Sensation
Multiple conversations
Splitting destinations
Suffocation, Manipulation
Complicated Separation
Worsening communication

Loosing dreams, sugary times
Broken promises
Difficult times
Soul gone sour
Mind gone numb
Crushing teeth
Now it’s time
She’s far gone
You lost your chance
Coz she was the one

For you, who played 'blind'.

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At 14 March 2016 at 20:10 , Blogger Unknown said...

Good Rhyming, Impressive...!

At 21 March 2016 at 05:47 , Blogger Kritika Mehta said...



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