Thursday, 20 March 2014

Story Of Every Life

I was walking down the road
And I was all alone.
When a chill broke into my mind
And told me I was blind.
I spent 20 precious years,
To get a fake life.
That’s no good to me
And it’s not my cup of tea.
It’s all complicated and full of dashed hopes.
I have no time for me and I don’t know how to cope.
I don't know any peace,
My dreams have all been seized.

But my mind's all boggling,
Because now I really know.
They all manipulated me.
They never let me see.
My friends, family and superior,
Don’t they ever see the mirror?

And now I stand on a decision,
Where they all want my submission.
My superior advised to break the cocoon,
But this time I am not gona tune.
Family advised to just bear a few years.
They really never saw my tears
They all say be open to every change,
But it’s all so strange.
That nobody really cares,
Cares about what I wna say.
I don’t wna adjust,
No matter what they suggest.
I don’t wna accept,
Now it’s time to object.
What I wna do is 'say no',
Once in for all.
No to running for life,
No to leaving all behind,
No to not giving a shit,
No to not feeling it a bit,

And now I stand still,
Realizing it’s all a hoax.
I can't pretend any more,
I am gona unlock the door.
For “this is my life”.
I know I have to strive
And I wna change it all.
I’ll start with a crawl.

I don't owe my life to anyone anymore,
Even if they think my thoughts are impure.
I cleared all the debt,
When I made my parents proud.
Now they should understand,
Who’s it really all about?

Now it’s time to take control,
For the sake of my soul.
To stand and make a difference,
That’s worthy of 'my existence'.

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At 21 March 2014 at 23:43 , Blogger Rehan Nawab said...

very very well written!!

At 22 March 2014 at 08:03 , Blogger Kritika Mehta said...

Thanku Rehan...
That's the first comment.... :-)

At 23 March 2014 at 01:38 , Blogger Unknown said...

good one!!

At 23 March 2014 at 06:07 , Blogger Kritika Mehta said...


At 26 March 2014 at 09:53 , Blogger Unknown said...


At 5 April 2014 at 07:04 , Blogger Unknown said...

Nice 1...kip gng

At 6 April 2014 at 02:11 , Blogger Kritika Mehta said...


At 6 April 2014 at 02:12 , Blogger Kritika Mehta said...


At 13 March 2016 at 01:44 , Blogger Unknown said...

Well written..kritika !!! keep it up...waiting 4 more.

At 13 March 2016 at 06:02 , Blogger Kritika Mehta said...

Thanks a lot Sumit... :-)


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